Serving Knoxville, TN & Surrounding Area

Rent 10-Yard Containers Directly from Tennessee's Premier Dumpster Rental Providers - Griffin Waste Services. Griffin Waste is a locally-owned, family business built on experience, innovation and customer service. Our dumpster rentals start at $280 and include bin delivery and pick-up for up to 2 tons of waste.


Serving Knoxville, TN & Surrounding Area

Rent Direct From Griffin Waste Services - 10-Yard Containers - Dumpster Rental Providers. Griffin Waste is a family business built on experience, innovation and customer service. Our operation is committed to stress-free, exceptional service that exceeds your expectations. Dumpster rentals include bin delivery and pick-up for up to 2 tons of waste.

Specific Questions About Waste Solutions?

Our experienced team is here to provide you with any and all waste related solutions for small jobs, big jobs and tight spaces.



Each job is different, and our conveniently sized 4 Wheel Drive trucks allow us to place our dumpsters almost anywhere. Give us a call to experience friendly and helpful service, on-time and often same-day delivery. Ordering our dumpster service is easy!

Heavy Duty Off-Loaders

Our 4 Wheel Drive trucks are ready to tackle any tough terrain! We’ll set the 10-Yard containers anywhere you can park a vehicle. Trash up to 2 tons of waste, then we will pick it up and dispose of it. Call us to learn more.

No Middlemen

No “Service Brokers” here. We offer the best competitive rates and flexible terms for our dumpster rentals. From start to finish, you deal with us directly, which saves you time and money. Bin rentals start at $280.

Special Loads

We can haul nearly anything and everything in our 10-Yard containers. No job is too tough! Ask us for more information on junk removal services, and hauling special loads, such as metal appliances, field equipment or brush.


The team at Knoxville Griffin Waste Services have been providing outstanding 10-Yard dumpster rental services for over 13 years. Griffin Waste Services is a locally-owned, dedicated and well run family business with an experienced team of professional waste removers.

  • We are not “service brokers”. There are no middlemen, and therefore no hidden fees. We take care of everything while providing the lowest costs around. When you rent our dumpsters, you deal with our team directly!
  • We work with you to coordinate hassle-free bin delivery and pick-up. You’ll find our dumpsters are conveniently accessible with low side heights and an easy access hinge door.
  • Small spaces or rough places can’t hold us back! Our 4 Wheel Drive trucks can tackle any job, while our team takes great care in the delivery and handling of our bins to avoid any damage to your home, business or driveway.
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Getting professional quotes should be a priority for everyone. 80% of dumpster rental estimates are inflated because of service broker fees, while 20% are real from dumpster rental providers, ready to give real, honest quotes. Don’t get stuck with choosing the wrong business. Contact us today for a free estimate and compare.


“Highly recommend this company. Very reasonable on price. Very fast delivery of construction dumpster. The driver, Quentin, waited around for me to arrive and was willing to do some tricky maneuvering of the truck to assure placement of dumpster was exactly where I wanted. Thanks!”


“Great service! They were able to get a dumpster at my house last minute. Mark and Ryan explained the process clearly. Quentin dropped off the dumpster at the exact time he said he would. He made sure it was positioned just right and showed me how to use the door latch. Everyone was very friendly and helpful making this experience much easier.”


“The Greater Knoxville Griffin team is super nice - Team Member Quentin delivered the receptacle right on time, precisely where I needed it. We finished the job a few days earlier than anticipated - called them back Thursday evening and left a message after hours - Quentin returned early the next morning to pick it up. Just a great experience overall!”


Reliable Service

We provide you peace of mind knowing that when you rent our dumpsters, our team makes the process easy and seamless.

No Hidden Fees

We are upfront about our pricing, with no hidden services charges or environmental fees. Your investment is clearly laid out for you before we commence.

Real Local People

You can trust us to provide you with courteous, friendly service, always. You call, we answer. No middlemen, we are exclusively yours!

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Why Griffin Waste Services?

Griffin Waste Services offers an affordable, simpler way to clean-up. Put all your waste in our dumpster bin and leave the disposal to us. One container. Multiple benefits. So if you’ve got trash to haul, give Griffin a call!


  • Dumpster Rentals
  • Home Renovation Waste
  • Shingles and Roofing Waste
  • Household Clean-up
  • Garbage Removal
  • Construction Waste
  • Junk Removal


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